Turkey for Me, Turkey for You

27 Feb

Turkey, it has been associated with all things clean and lean in the cooking realm of healthy eating.  Since my journey for over all wellness began “Turkey” has become a major staple in my diet.  Whether its turkey breast, chop meat, bacon or cold cuts, turkey is on the menu at least 4 times a week in mi casa.  The versatility and ease of preparation make this staple one of the most fun and versatile ingredients to work with.  Today creation is an overload of turkey goodness!!


What I used:

2- packages turkey chopmeat

1- clove garlic

1- spanish onion

1- cup feta cheese

1- cup almond flour (I use this in place of breadcrumbs)

1- package turkey bacon

2- Eggs

1- cup greek yogurt (optional I just add it to get the extra 24 grams of protein)

Seasonings: paprika, cayenne, garlic salt, tumeric, adobo, black pepper, cumin

Step 1: Dice up onion and garlic into tiny pieces

Step 2: In a mixing bowl combine, chopmeat, eggs, greek yogurt, almond flour, garlic, onions, all seasonings and feta cheese

Step 3: Lay out on a greased baking sheet and form into a loaf w/ your hands


Step 4: Wrap the outside of the loaf w. turkey bacon


Step 5: Place Loaf into a 350 degree oven and set timer for 45 minutes


Step 6: Take out and place on a cutting board let rest for 15-20 minutes, this allows the juices to settle and redistribute


Step 7: Slice into 1-11/2 inch slices and serve w/ condiment of choice I used my homemade tomatillo sauce (recipe in a separate post)




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